This is GetUp Motivated Apparel. We are a brand that seeks to Motivate the Mind, Body and Sole. Just as Christ said in John 5:8 to the lame man dreaming of living free of his current situation, to do the unthinkable, and "GetUp." We hope to challenge the life patterns of all through our G.U.M. videos, commercials and our in-house designs, by way of cool terminology or motivational quotes that exemplify the GetUp brand. We believe that through this brand you will get that needed support/motivation to live the life you've always dreamt. its through our mentality that the lame parts of our lives are changed, if we would think differently.  We know we can help motivate others to a life dreamed of by way of thinking. Here at GetUp we are Motivated 2 Motivate you!!! 
Thank you for visiting us here at GetUp!!